Who Thought of This?

Erica Blakely, CPA, MAFM

Our founder, Erica Blakely is a highly-respected entrepreneur and trailblazer in the men’s fashion industry. Born and raised in Chicago as an only child of two hard working parents who gave her a foundation of strength and compassion for people. She is constantly raising the bar of success!  

Erica is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Accounting and Financial Management. She has owned her own CPA firm for nearly 20 years. In this capacity she has completed projects for some of the largest Fortune 500’s companies. In addition, Erica has also taught as a college professor for several prestigious universities.

Like so many others, the global Covid-19 Pandemic created a life-changing transition in Erica’s business. A few months into the 2020 global pandemic over 90% of the revenue from her CPA firm was GONE! This gave Erica the motivation to reignite her brand and officially birth Blakely Bespoke.

Erica is dedicated to philanthropy and creating social impact to change lives for generations to come.