About Us


Revolutionary. Creative. Erica Blakey, CPA, is the owner of Blakely Bespoke, a lifestyle brand for the fashion-forward individual. 


Blakely Bespoke creates an entirely new category of accessories while transforming a once formal standard of dress into a patented, ready-to-wear accessory that can be tailored for any wardrobe.   


Blakely Bespoke provides customers with a bespoke experience of style and versatility at an affordable price.  We make a patented French-cuff that can be easily attached to any shirt already in your wardrobe.  Our French-Cuffs are easily secured with cufflinks through the existing buttonholes on your shirt, allowing customers to display a once historical fashion statement that now represents today’s style and class. 

Inspired by her father’s style, Erica created Blakely Bespoke to be an affordable, transformative experience in bespoke fashion. Our French-cuffs are versatile and can expand your wardrobe without the cost of a custom tailor.


 Statistically less than 5% of female inventors are issued patents   in the United States.  (Source - IP Watchdog, February   2019) Erica is one of few minority, woman-owned, patented   men’s fashion brand.  A rare gem in its class! 


Blakely Bespoke is much more than just an appealing fashion brand, it is a movement for men and women with an appreciation of personalized style.