About Us

In 2021 Erica Blakely founded Blakely Bespoke, one of few minority, woman-owned, patented men’s fashion brand.  A rare gem in its class, Blakely Bespoke is the epitome of innovative charm and affordable luxury for the modern customer with impeccable image and style. 

Statistically less than 5% of female inventors are issued patents in the United States.  (Source - IP Watchdog, February 2019)


Blakely Bespoke provides customers with a bespoke experience of style and versatility at an affordable price.  We make a limited edition, patented French-cuff that can be easily attached to any shirt already in your wardrobe.  Our French-Cuffs are easily secured with cufflinks through the existing buttonholes on your shirt, allowing customers to display a once historical fashion statement that now represents today’s style and class.  Furthermore, our French-cuffs are versatile and can affordably expand your wardrobe without the cost of a custom tailor. 

French-cuffs are primarily a men’s fashion accessory, however, Blakely Bespoke is changing that tradition by bringing a fresh new approach to a historical fashion statement.  We are excited to allow fashion conscious women the opportunity to join in. Women can pair their French-cuffs with button-up shirt and a sophisticated suit, a skirt and blazer or even jeans.  We also have customized options with matching head-wraps and other women's accessories.  Blakely Bespoke is the perfect accessory to help our fashionistas add a pop of personality, versatility and casual sophistication to any stylish look!